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Find out if you have Flash installed and its current version number by visiting this page.

Windows users can remove Flash from the Add/Remove Programs panel, or use Adobe’s uninstaller for Flash Player.If you are still experiencing problems, ensure you are running the latest version of Google's web browser.Note that Google now disables Flash in Chrome by default and will ask you to enable it only when you visit a site that doesn't have an HTML5 alternative to Flash. For those who do wish to use Flash, the need to enable it every time will be a nuisance.This content includes web applications, website user interfaces, interactive online advertising, and rich Internet applications (RIAs) created using Flex. I don't care whether it's fashionable or not, I just need to be able to view the site.Adobe Shockwave Player is not available anymore for Linux. It doesn't work with modern browsers and operating systems. Then comparing with a firefox that works on another computer, the only additional plugin i could see was shockwave flash.Adobe said it was unaware of any exploits in the wild for the vulnerabilities fixed in this Flash release.


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