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But from another perspective, the formation of the NAE seemed like a logical outgrowth of developments among those later to be known as evangelicals during the 1930s.

After conservatives had suffered public defeats in the 1920s, they channeled their creative and innovative energies into building alternative institutions independent of the established denominations, including local church congregations, mission agencies, Bible institutes, conference grounds, and publishing houses.

In an article for High Times earlier this year, marijuana legalization advocate Russ Belville asked why the DEA continues to argue there is no scientific evidence proving the safety and effectiveness of medical marijuana when there are more than 19,000 published studies on cannabis’ medical benefits.It characterizes networked structures in terms of nodes (individual actors, people, or things within the network) and the ties, edges, or links (relationships or interactions) that connect them.Examples of social structures commonly visualized through social network analysis include social media networks, These networks are often visualized through sociograms in which nodes are represented as points and ties are represented as lines.“And the impetus really was that now there appears to be ways where legitimate research can be conducted on the use of cannabis or marijuana for medical purposes.” Although numerous media outlets have been sharing medical marijuana success stories for years, the federal government continues to argue there hasn’t been any sound research – at least in the U. – to back up the anecdotal evidence of the substance’s benefits. Part of the reason there hasn’t been much research on medical marijuana is because the U. government has classified the substance as a Schedule I drug, meaning the federal government.In an interview with Mint Press earlier this year, Jason David, a medical marijuana legalization advocate whose son uses a form of the substance to help with his seizures, expressed his disgust with a lack of research in the U. does not recognize a valid use of marijuana at any time — even for medical purposes — and believes marijuana is highly addictive, has a high potential for abuse, and functions as a gateway drug.Social network analysis has emerged as a key technique in modern sociology.


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