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size and number of buildings help establish the initial impression . The ceramic classes also learned how to operate the kilns which were adjacent to the classrooms in the firing room. Tiller ond Sail; URA; Campus Theatre; Glee Club; A Capella Choir. S.; Business Ed.; Pacific Palisades, California; Transfer: Santa Monica City Col- lege; MAC. B.; Advertising Ai' Riverside, Californi h Transfer: Riverside Ju ior College. S.; Hon Economics; Los Ang les, California; Tran fer: Santa Monica Ci. College; Var- sity Club; Men's Ath- letic Board; SAHPER. S.; Physical Education; Santo Moni- ca, California; Trans- fer: Univ. WALLACE JAMES DUF- FY; A B,; Theater Arts- English; Anaheim, Cali- fornia; Transfer: Long Beach City College; Compus Theater. S.; 'lysicol Education; Los ngeles, California; RALPH REED FREETO; A. S.; Physical Educa- tion; Sacramento, Cali- fornia; l AK; Senior Class Council; SAHPERS. B.; Business Educa- tion; Whittler, Calif.; Transfer: -Posaciena City College; W,: Business Education Club; Class Council. S-; Physical Educa- tion-Recreation; A Ivi'; Class Councils 1,2,3,4. B.; Applied Design; Santa Monica, California; KIIA. S ; Physical Educotion; Transfer: Los Angeles City College; SAHPER5; URA Swim Club Publi- city Chairman. B.; Theater Arts; Los Angeles, California; JOHN ERLE GOOD- LAD; A B.; Advertising; Art; Los Angeles, Cali- fornia; Transfer: Los Angeles City College; 111; Varsity Club; OCB; Class Councils 3, 4. B.; Art Education, Pasadena; KKT; AK University Religious Conference; Class Coun- cil. B.; Ad- vertising Art; North Hollywood, California. EGGY LEE POLLARD; .5.; Business Educa- lon; Los Angeles; ronsfer: Los Angeles ity College; \^, j.^, Business Educa- on Club. S ; Apparel 'esign; Hilmor, Calr- srnio; Transfer; Calif, ollege of Arts & rafts, Oakland, Call- ornia; /TA, JOSEPH M, POPOVICH; A. Other attractions of the social season were rush parties, initiation and pledging, the Founder's Day Dinner, faculty picnic, installation dinner and the Annual Gold Key Award. OUR 1953 SOUTHERN CAMPUS published annually by the associated students of the university of California, los angeles BILL ROBERTS • EDITOR - DESIGNER BOB MEYER • BUSINESS MANAGER JEAN HUNT • ASSOCIATE EDITOR . symbolized by the ENGINEERING temporary ideas are becoming reality ... Most of the ebjech produced were mode on the pottery wheels. B.; Art Ed.; North Hollywood, California; Al.; Spurs; Chimes; Mor- tar Board; ATA AWS Hostess Ch ; ASUCIA Orientation. S ; Physical Educa- tion; North Hollywood, Collfornio; Transfer: Los Angeles City Col- lege; Football. B.; Art Advertising; IK; AWS; Class Coun- cil 2, 4; Model Joste. ELMER WALTER DOUG- LAS; B S.; Physicol Edu- cation; Los Angeles; Transfer: East los An- geles Jr. LORAYNE MARIE HAM- ILTON; AS.; Music; Glendale, California; Transfer: Glendale Col- lege; KA; OCB; A Ca- pella Choir; Glee Club; Class Council 3. S.; Physical Therap'l Canoga Park; Transfe Los Angeles City Co [ lege; Al'l"; Physlcc, Therapy Club. B ; Motion Picture; Pasodena, Cali- fornia; Trasfer: North- western Univ., Illinois; KAK; Kap & Bells; SEC; Dir. B.; Theater Arts; Long Beach, Coli- fomia; AIMI; -t-H; AWS Orientation Hostess Comm.; Spotlight Mag- azine; Campus Theater. B.; Musii ' Santa Monica, Colif ' i; AI; .\A; Bruin Moun ; AE. The national convention held in Boston was the highlight of this organization's activities during the year. ^V'^ 21 Opened a year ago last February, the Art Building cost nine hundred thousand dollars and was designed by Paul Robinson Hunter. S.; Physical Educ; North Hollywood, Cali- fornia; Z i A; Dance Wing; URA Secretary; Constitution Committee; Folk Dance Club. Encyclopedia-length information bulletins, frosh handbooks and registrotion tussles had all completely confused. S.; Physical ducation; Transfer: onto Bai'baro State ollege; Varsity Lelter- lan's Club; Gymnos- TANLEY P. DAVID B RICH; A B.; Industrial Design; Los Angeles; Transfer; los Angeles City College; Yeoman; Gold Key; MAB; Varsity Club; Crew. B.; Theatre Arts; Los An- geles, California; Trans- fer: Los Angeles City College; Masonic Affil- iate Clob- THOMAS W RICH- ARDS; B S ; Business Ed.; Los Angeles, Cali- fornia; Transfer: Univ. B ; Art; Venice, Cali- fornia; Transfer: Sonta Monica City College, California. S.; Home Eco- nomics; Son Bernordino, Calif,; Transfer: San Bernardino Volley Col- lege; KKI; Jr Coun- cil; Model Josie. S ; Public Health Education; Butte, Montana; Al '1'; Trolls, SAHPER; Red Cross; YWCA President. Sec ; M&SB; Class Councils 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Sing • • • tests • • • setnester grades MARILYN JUNE ROG- ERS; B S.; Physical Ed.; Huntington Park, Cali- 'ornra; KA; Class Coun- :ils 1, 2, 3, 4; Jr. phi chi theta Dorothy Baldwin Doreen Horsfall Joan lewis Donna Rhodes Elizabeth Smith Andy Tonnura Jone Wanous Kathie West Mary Dupree Nancy Hutchinson Joyce Marsh C. Book binding, leather working, and basket weoving classes were also held in the basement of the new Art Building. S.; Physical Education; Norlh Hol- lywood, Calif.; Trans- fer: Occidental College, Colif.; KI; Physical Education Club. B.; Music; Los Angeles, California; Transfer: College of Pa- cific, Stockton, Calif.; AI'; Modrigal Choir. College; rdro, California ; ■ansfer: Memphis ate College, Tenn.; ZA; 'I'Xl-i; Westmins- r Club. B.; Theater Arts -English; Transfer: Glendale City College, Calif.; Kap and Bells; Theater Activities Board; Campus Theater. B.; Music; Tehran, Iron; Transfer: Santa Monica Citv College, Calif.; In- ternotionol Music Olym- piad; Internationol House 2; Glee Club 2. S ; Physical Educa- tion; San Diego, Cali- fornia; Ski Club; Var- sity Club; Swim Club; Track. B.; Advertis- ing Art; Los Angeles, California; Vice Pres. JAMES RICHARD FLEU- RY; A B ; Theater Arts- Rodio; l AH; Class Councils 1, 2, 3. B.; Theater Arts; North Hollywood, Cali- fornia; *-*2; Compus Theater 3. B.; Theater Arts; Ely, Minnesota; Tronsfer: Ely Junior College; Compus Theater 2. JOYCE E REGAL; A B ; Music; Los Angeles, California; Masonic Af- filiate Club; Choral Club; noon concerts. S.; Business Ed- ucation; Los Angeles; Secretoriot President; Homecoming Exec. With the enthusiasm exhibited by the members and activities planned by the officers, Phi Chi Theta sorority enjoyed a year marked by the fulfillment of their goal of furthering business careers of the future.

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