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And please know that we'll do our best to assist you during this transition. I am sure that there is an Orthodox expert or Byzantine who would know the names of all the saints plus the meaning of the details of the icon 'Pokrova, ' The main "detail" of course is the veil that Mary was holding out over the city; in Russian the word "pokrov" means both veil and protection, and one of Our Lady's names is therefore "Pokrova," the "protecting one," or literally Protection.

Nuestra metodología única en el país, llamada OTL, sirve para crear, gestionar e investigar comunidades sólidas.

This is what is written (All Sorrowing Joy) on ikon.

This ikon of All-Sorrowing Joy was miraculous being found.

Our transparency demonstrates our openness for the truth which will set us free." In the order denying the ROEA and Popp's request to reconsider whether the ecclesiastical abstention doctrine applied in this case, Kinnaird not only explained why the court had jurisdiction, but also reminded the defendants that this was the fifth time that the court had made such a ruling.

The judge also said that, for the same reasons that the court had jurisdiction over the case, the ecclesiastical abstention doctrine could not be used to quash Paffhausen's subpoena. The case was set for a status hearing on December 15th, which was later moved to the 17th. He reported to that the new judge in the case emphasized to the defendants that the court had made its decision on the ecclesiastical abstention doctrine.


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