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United States Coast Guard fraternization policies are contained in chapter 8 of the Coast Guard Personnel Manual, COMDTINST 1000.6A.

The Coast Guard attracts and retains highly qualified people with commonly shared values of honor, respect. These values anchor our cultural and Service norms and serve as a common foundation for our interpersonal relationships within the Coast Guard.

While Thompson pled guilty to a number of charges, he pled innocent to a charge of cruelty and maltreatment of another female recruit.

He admitted having sex with a female recruit beginning in December 2008 including two instances on the base, once in a classroom in Healey Hall and once in his office.

Many Coast Guardsmen have tattoos – and when compared to other military branches, the Coast Guard’s tattoo policy is fairly lenient.

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Essentially, your tattoos cannot detract from the overall professional appearance of the Coast Guard.Generally speaking, the further out the current compliance date is, the less likely an extension request is to be considered at this time.Owners/operators of vessels with current compliance date beyond 2020 should plan to be in compliance on that date.The dynamic nature of this challenge, including the number and type of approved systems, the capacity of manufacturers and shipyards, the demands of the global fleet and the impending implementation of the International Convention, demand constant review and update of our procedures even while we continue to honor previously established compliance dates.Stakeholders should be aware of the following principles that guide our development of the extension request procedures: • Previously established compliance dates will be honored.If he had not participated in a pre-trial agreement, he faced five months confinement.


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