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Scholars have long debated how much of the Hebrew bible was composed before the destruction of Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Judah in 586 BCE.

While scholars agree that key biblical texts were written starting in the 7th century BCE, the exact date of the compilation of these books remains in question.

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107–112), i.e., "the fortresses of Arad Rabbat [Arad the Great] and Arad of the House of Yeroḥam." It seems, therefore, that in the days of Solomon there were two fortresses with the name Arad: a large, main city and a second named for the family of Yeroḥam (probably the biblical Jerahmeelites; and cf. from Malaatha (Moleatha), a description which fits Tell Arad, which is about 18½ mi. The houses were built according to a uniform architectural design and were of a typical "broad house" construction – a rectangular room with the entrance on one of the long sides.The train has power sockets for laptops & mobiles at all seats in both classes, and a cafe-bar serves drinks, snacks & microwaved hot dishes.The countryside is the heart and soul of Romania, where peasant culture remains a strong force and medieval life prevails, as it does nowhere else in Europe."The Canaanite, the king of Arad, who dwelt in the South [Negev]" prevented the Israelite tribes from penetrating into Canaan directly from Kadesh-Barnea "by the way of Atharim" (Num.21:1; ) and he defeated them at neighboring Hormah (Num –45; Deut. Another biblical tradition, however, recounts a second battle between the Israelites and the king of Arad near Hormah. Amiran at Tell Arad from 1962 to 1967 uncovered a large city from the Early Bronze Age ) which was built over a scattered, unfortified settlement from the Late Chalcolithic period.For a true introduction to Romania's traditional villages, consider a home stay.


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